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Ioannis (Yannis) A. Bouhras

Amateur Astronomer - Hellenic Planetary Observer

Ioannis A. Bouhras

Software & Recommentations



Recomended Camera ZWO ASI224mc
Recomended Camera ZWO ASI224mcRecommended by experience, no personal gain

ASI224MC has a 1/3″ and 1.2M pixels sensor IMX224 with SONY Exmor and NIR Technology.
Version: 1.3 (include Anti-amp glow function)

Recomended ZWO ADC
Recomended ZWO ADCRecommended by experience, no personal gain

ZWO Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector is used to reduce the effect of atmospheric dispersion on lunar and planetary images

Space Agencies

Globe at Night

Globe at Night is an international citizen-science campaign to raise public awareness of the impact of light pollution by inviting citizen-scientists to measure & submit their night sky brightness observations.


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