HPO (Observatory Management Application)

HPO is an astronomy application in C# wich helps astronomers manage and organize their observatories. Calculating many astronomical parameters to record astronomical phenomena has always been very time consuming using the traditional methods. HPO application is changing the game in this field. With a wealth of tools,  helps the amateur astronomer calculate and record  scientific data easily with a few clicks.

Below are some of the basic features:

1. Computing data according to the user’s location.
2. Add a custom user location to the database.
3. Night vision mode.
4. Database with NGC, IC, and Messier objects.
5. User can upload images to the PVOL (Planetary Virtual Observatory and Laboratory)
6. User can  upload images to ALPO Japan.
7. Contains positional data for all the planets of our solar system.
8. Contains books and maps drowers.
9. Tool to calculate astronomical time.
10. Uranographic coordinates conversion capability.
11. Calculate the date of the Catholic and Orthodox Easter.
12. Calculation function of time.
13. Calculate the horizon data.
14. Calculation of Moon position  and Phases.
15. Calculation of solar parameters.
16. Telescope parameter calculations.
17. Calculation of Jovian satellite positions.
18. Calculation of  planets positions in our solar system.

Video presentation of HPO Observatory Management v1.2




Download Here: HPO Observatory Management 2.1 Latest

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