(ISMO) International Society of the Mars Observers

This project provides up-to-date commentaries about the world-wide observations of the planet Mars
in association with the recent issue of the Communications in Mars Observations (abbreviated to CMO)
published by the International Society of the Mars Observers (abbreviated to ISMO).

The ISMO Advisory Board consists of
Donald PARKER † (DPk), Christophe PELLIER (CPl), William SHEEHAN (WSh) Tadashi ASADA (As), Reiichi KONNAÏ (Kn), and Masatsugu MINAMI † (Mn)

On the other hand, the CMO/ISMO Editorial Board consists of Tadashi ASADA (As), Masatsugu MINAMI † (Mn; vzv03210@nifty.com), Masami MURAKAMI (Mk; cmo@mars.dti.ne.jp), Takashi NAKAJIMA (Nj), and Akinori NISHITA (Ns)

Our Observatory contributes also to this project, for more information please visit the official webpage.

ISMO Webpage